There Will Be No Dolphins At Your Birth

A new commercial came out today from Duracell. The commercial discusses the ongoing opinions of everyone around you on how to raise your baby. Also, how to  calm your baby and how to have your baby! It includes one hilarious scene of a serene looking women (your doula) coming out of the water. The narrator suggests that “you” may want to have a dolphin assisted water birth! The bewilderment on the new families faces is priceless. 

Heres the thing, I don’t even know what a dolphin assisted water birth is. What would that entail? How I would be helpful in that choice? The questions are endless. 

The world view of the doula profession is something that has always fascinated me. We are often seen as lovers of woo, essential oils, and bone broth (which some of us are totally into and some not so much). People associate us with alternate forms of medicine. This often results in misunderstanding our true role as support people. 

Doulas are a completely non-medical member of your pregnancy and postpartum support team. We always have a “talk to your healthcare professional” caveat after our suggestions. The truth is that most of us have zero medical training aside from what we pick up while spending years assisting clients. Nurses are often compelled to join the doula profession.When they do, they are encouraged to put away that hat while working with clients. Kansas City Doulas do not make medical or philosophical decisions for their clients.  

It is our job to know about the potential decisions. We have the basic knowledge about birth that allows us to show our clients the options in any situation. Of course, that would include talking to your care provider.

A doula’s real power falls in the realm of attunement. Doulas are trained to listen, teach and support every type of person that we come into contact with. Most people who have met a doula comment on their unique ability to be completely in the moment with their clients. Doulas respond to their client’s questions, concerns, and needs in the exact way that validates them. Birth is a very intense time for new families. The calming, reassuring presence of a support person who is not emotionally involved in the outcome of your birth, help you to feel more empowered and in control than they may have previously felt. 

With Kansas City Doulas as your chosen support team, I can promise you one thing. You will never hear us suggest a dolphin assisted water birth. We also will never pressure you to do something you either don’t want to do or don’t feel you have enough information to do. We are there for you in whatever form that may take for your family! You can lean on us and I promise, dolphins will not be in the picture! 

Heidi ShulistaThere Will Be No Dolphins At Your Birth

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