Why We Foster Relationships With Your Doctor, Midwife, and Nurse

It is true that as a doula we work for you, and not your doctor, midwife, nurse, hospital or birthing center. You sit down with the doula, get to know her, decide whether you can be completely open and uninhibited in front of her. You begin picturing the doula at your birth. You start to envision her breathing each breath with you. You feel her hands on your back and hear her encouraging whisper of unwavering support. You decide you cannot see having this baby without her being somewhere in the picture.

From that moment forward your Kansas City Doulas are there for you. We know that building a relationship of trust and respect takes communication. We offer ourselves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to you for unlimited phone and email support. We will be there for you from the moment you need us all the way through. No matter how many weeks along you are, we’ll be there because we know babies can come anytime.

We also recognize that you have chosen another very important person to trust and to be at your birth- your doctor or midwife. It is likely that you had a relationship with this person prior to becoming pregnant. You may have gone through a similar process to choose him or her as well. You painstakingly researched which hospital or birth center you would go to give birth and chose a provider whose beliefs and practices aligned with yours. You trust this person to keep you and your baby safe and healthy and you have put full faith in them to do just that.

So, enter the doula and enter the doctor or midwife to your birth.

Kansas City Doulas work tirelessly to make strong, lasting, cohesive relationships with your care provider. It is our top priority after supporting and serving you (we actually feel like those relationships are part of the way we support you). It is our strong belief that when your team works collaboratively together you are the one that benefits the most and if there is a riff between someone in the room while you are giving birth you and your family are the ones that are greatly affected by it. Not only are your physical health care needs met when we all work together,  you’re emotionally supported and your ability to bond with those around you increases. You just feel all around better about your experience. And we know that’s the real reason you hired us.

Whether you go to Shawnee Mission Medical Center, Research Medical Center, Overland Park Regional, Olathe Medical Center, Menorah Medical Center, KU Medical, or either one of the New Birth Company locations, or anywhere else in the greater Kansas City area, you can rest assured that your doula from Kansas City Doulas and your doctor or midwife will work well together.

Heidi ShulistaWhy We Foster Relationships With Your Doctor, Midwife, and Nurse

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