Why Should I Encapsulate My Placenta

I’m choosing placenta encapsulation because I’m hoping for more energy.

After I had my babies, exhaustion hit me like a ton of bricks. With my first, it wasn’t a huge problem because it was just him and I, and I could sleep when he slept and do laundry when he did laundry (only kidding!). With my second, I had a toddler to run after. I had a household to put back together after a crazy move and I was exhausted. I was exhausted and stressed and lonely.

One of my fears going into a third pregnancy is that taking care of two toddlers and a newborn will put me over the exhaustion limit and send me into crazy town.

With my other two children, I didn’t think much about the postpartum period. I didn’t really plan for any of it. I was so focused on the birthing part that I didn’t even think about the after. And then when the after hit, I wished that I had thought a little more about it.

Ingesting your placenta after birth has been shown, through anecdotal evidence, to help energize you during the postpartum period. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, placenta encapsulation helps to balance the yin and yang of your hormones. Birth depletes us of so many things and I am thrilled to find something that could potentially bring me back to a functioning state after an exhausting nine months of creating a human.

I’m choosing placenta encapsulation to increase my milk supply.

I have breast fed two children into toddlerhood. One thing I’ve always wanted to do is be able to donate milk to a NICU milk bank.  My nephew was born early and thrived off pumped and donated milk for the firs few weeks of his life while my sister got used to pumping and feeding. Women who are able to provide this service and sacrifice amaze me beyond belief. I have never had an oversupply but with my next baby, I want to give something back.

I plan to ingest my placenta because anecdotal evidence has shown that it increases your breast milk supply. I hope that I can nurse my baby and donate milk to our local milk bank. I know that I couldn’t do that on my own but I’m hoping with the help of my placenta pills, I will be able to kick start this process and help the families in my community.

I’m choosing placenta encapsulation with Kansas City Doulas because I trust their safety precautions.

Encapsulating your placenta is not something that anyone should take lightly. As a Postpartum Placenta Specialist, I learned a lot about food handling safety and how to keep myself safe from blood borne pathogens. These are not things I would have thought about before.

I’m choosing Kansas City Doulas as my Postpartum Placenta Specialist because I want to know what is in my placenta pills (only MY placenta!) and the cleanliness of the area where the service was performed (my own home!). I want to know that they are doing what needs to be done to protect themselves, my newborn child and me, when it comes to ingesting my placenta.

I also want to know that I will be taken care of. If I have a question, I want to know that I can call them and they will know how to answer my questions or know where to find the answer. I want that extra support during my postpartum period. I need someone to check in on me and focus on my well being before my 6 week apt and I know that Kansas City Doulas offers that better than anyone else I could find in the Kansas City Metro area.


I’m choosing placenta encapsulation because next time around, I’m choosing me. I’m choosing my mental, physical and emotional needs and I can’t wait!

Authored by Samantha Moore- Labor and Postpartum Doula and Postpartum Placenta Specialist

Heidi ShulistaWhy Should I Encapsulate My Placenta

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