We Reserve the Right for You to Have Your Placenta Encapsulated

Kansas City Doulas provides postpartum placenta services to women across the entire metropolitan and outlying areas of Kansas City. We process a lot of placentas, we consider it a specialty of ours. In fact, we use best practices when it comes to our protocols and procedures. We are the safe and legal postpartum placenta specialists in our area. That is a very big deal!

It is documented in history for thousands of years that many cultures have honored the placenta in some form or another. The studies are inconclusive as to the actual benefits of a woman ingesting her placenta other than placebo but this blog isn’t about all that.

I want to get real down and dirty and let you in on what is happening with women’s placentas all around the United States. (Get ready; this may just make you lose your lunch.) It’s why I wanted no part of this process for KCD initially. It is also why I sought out a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner to oversee our processes.

Keep in mind as I go into details here that we are talking about a human body part.

Number one:

We do NOT transport a client’s placenta anywhere.

  1. There are very regulated procedures for transporting a human organ
  2. If the placenta leaves a client’s site how does she know it is in fact HERS? It *probably* is, but we take out that uncertainty by having you (or your loved one) transport your organ for you, to your home.
  3. We eliminate the potential of us having a car wreck and something bad happening to your placenta (or us having to explain why we have a human organ in our trunk that isn’t our own while standing at the police station).

Number two:

We do NOT process your placenta anywhere but YOUR home.

  1. Your system is used to your bacteria, and it’s a good thing it is! Your system is not used to the strains of bacteria we may have in our houses. I’m talking about the teensy tiny microbes that are in the air, on our skin etc, not how clean a person’s home is or isn’t. Chances are your system could handle our bacteria just fine with no incident, but we’d like for your body to rest and recover from just giving birth not have to fight off a strain of bacteria it isn’t familiar with.
  2. Here we are back to the whole “who’s placenta is it really?” Now, you brought it home, and we are in your kitchen. It IS yours; it never left your sight.
  3. The guidelines for food prep, which are the closest guidelines to preparing your placenta for ingesting since it isn’t regulated at this point (but, don’t worry, we are working on getting that done too) say that food can only be prepared in the client’s home OR a certified commercial kitchen. Think of a personal chef at this point. They MUST prepare in your kitchen.
  4. I use my kitchen a lot. I cook from scratch, and my kitchen is a mess most of the time as it is THE most used room at my house. Please don’t be offended but the thought of preparing   your placenta on the same counter I roll out the Thanksgiving piecrusts on is a little (okay a lot) gross to me. Of course I  would clean it but I like to keep my work and personal life separate and that’s just a mix I’m not okay with.
  5. We come to you for more than to just encapsulate your placenta. The placenta is an honored part of the process of  growing a life inside of you, giving birth to the baby (followed    by the placenta), and then using it in your postpartum period to feel your best. We want to help take care of you by letting you or your family member ask questions and be a part of the process of honoring your placenta that nourished your baby. Of  course, this part isn’t a must but the opportunity is lost if we aren’t in your home.

Number 3

We are the professional experts, and you are relying on us to know what is the safest.

  1. I know there are doulas out there that give their clients a choice in where they want the placenta prepared. There are also doulas that got their training from a You Tube video.
  2. Most clients don’t know the ins and outs or what questions to ask when it comes to the process of encapsulation. Leaving the  choice to the client isn’t really as straightforward as it sounds. (see reasons stated in Number 2)
  3. I am ALL about choice for women when it comes to how they want to give birth, and parent their children and other things too. I am one of the most “choices driven” people I know and I know a ton! Here’s the thing:  once you have decided to hire someone to do a job you are entrusting them to know HOW to do it the best -that is after all, why you hired them in the first place, right? For instance (taking birth and the placenta out of the picture for a moment) when you have your hair cut, you may know what style you want but you would be appalled if the stylist said “do you want me to come to your house, or mine, or the salon?” We all know the salon is licensed and that’s where hair IS cut! The proper place to have your placenta encapsulated is YOUR home, we, the experts know this and now you do too.
  4. Your health and safety is more important to us than convenience. If we take out the gross factor that we’ve already discussed, it is true that it would be more convenient for us to use our own home. Sure, we could take it straight from the birth to our own kitchen, walk 25 feet from our bed the next day and get busy. That is the reason that doulas that encapsulate give you the option of them doing it in their home vs yours. It comes down to simple convenience. We are not willing to sacrifice safety for convenience.

I’ve taken a hard line on this topic because of what I’ve seen and heard lately amongst some doulas. While placenta encapsulation isn’t regulated, at some point someone is going to start paying attention to what is going on, and either take this opportunity away from all of us, or regulate it in a way that greatly limits us. Read to mean, make it impossible. The biggest group that stands to suffer from this willy-nilly handling of placentas is you, the client. You are why KCD does placenta encapsulation the way we do.

Heidi ShulistaWe Reserve the Right for You to Have Your Placenta Encapsulated

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