tria-evans-fall-2016-1250x833Tria has worked over thirteen years as a Perinatal Nurse in various locations in and around the Kansas City area. Tria knows that supporting families during this vulnerable and transitional time is both a privilege and an honor.

When Tria gave birth to her third daughter the incredible support she received from family, friends, and other caregivers propelled her into wanting to give that same care and loving support to postpartum women. Offering doula care and support to women and families is something she has always felt a deep call to do especially as a nurse working with women giving birth. Tria wants to continue that help and support into the postpartum period.

Her goal is to help ease you into your new parenting role to make the transition as smooth as possible.  To give women and families the support and encouragement they are looking for  before, during, and after delivery. The educational component is important for young families and Tria knows how to provide the education and resources that are best for each family and offer personalized service.

Tria is the mother of three lovely daughters.  She enjoys spending time with my family, friends, as well as her pets. Tria loves to be outdoors, whether it’s visiting the ocean or reading and writing poetry.

Heidi ShulistaTria Evans