Three not-so-little Questions You Shouldn’t Have to Ask About Placenta Encapsulation

There are a lot of questions that families ask me about placenta encapsulation.  Does it work, does it taste funny, why would anyone want to eat their placenta?  (Usually, probably not, and lots of reasons.)  But because of the professional training that I’ve had there are (at least) three questions that you don’t have to ask me.

  1. Did you wash your hands?

We all know the safety in washing hands after using the bathroom and preparing food. We’d probably like to say we wash our hands every time we should but, life happens.  When I’m at home I’m comfortable and distractions happen.  Sometimes my toddler absolutely NEEDS something between wiping and washing.  For example, just this morning, I was using the restroom while my toddler played close by.  Before I was done, she fell down and needed help.  I’d like to say as soon as I was sure she was okay I remembered to wash my hands, but it’s more likely that we moved on to the next thing and I completely forgot.  Distractions happen in our own home where we’re comfortable and able to let our guard down ( and sometimes we let things slide).  But when I’m in your home I am completely focused on safety and cleanliness, there is nothing to distract me like as my own home. Also, if you’d like you can watch while I prepare your placenta in your home. You can see that I wash and change gloves multiple times throughout the process.

       2. How clean is your kitchen and equipment?

Some days my kitchen sparkles, other days it looks a little more lived in, but none of that matters when it comes to your placenta.  When your placenta is processed in your kitchen you get to see the care I take to make sure the surfaces are clean.  You also get to see the process I take to make sure my equipment is clean and sanitized.  An added bonus is that you get a clean kitchen at the end of the process – often a welcome gift in those early postpartum days.

        3. Is this really my placenta?

Because the placenta never leaves your possession you can be sure that it is in fact the same placenta that came out of your body.  Let me say that again: YOU CAN BE SURE THE PLACENTA YOU ARE TAKING IS YOURS. I’d like to believe that no woman has ever ingested another woman’s placenta, but I’ve read some crazy things on the internet.  I think it’s also important to know that because you are able to watch as much or as little of the process as you want, you can be sure that there isn’t anything extra (random spices, herbs, or anything else) in your capsules to increase the number of pills you receive.  


In addition to being certain about what’s in your placenta pills and the care that was taken in making them for you having your placenta encapsulated in your home comes with some additional benefits.  Because I’m in your home, you can talk to me about your birth experience and you can ask me things like:  

  1. Is this normal / Does this look normal?

Because I’m trained as a postpartum doula I know what’s within the realm of normal with regard to your postpartum healing, your baby, breastfeeding, and a whole range of things that come along with this huge transition into parenthood. Sometimes just a quick bit of reassurance is all you need to hear.

     2. How do I know he’s getting enough to eat?

Whether you are feeding with a bottle or a breast, you may have questions about whether you are doing it right. I can help you take comfort in knowing that your baby is getting enough to eat. If you need a little help with it I can show you some alternate positions or suggest things you may not have tried. At the very least I can point you in the direction of a professional that can help if I’m not able to.

     3. When can I have sex?

Pretty much nothing is off limits for you to ask. Yes, you can even ask me about your sex life.  Postpartum sex can be scary and something that a lot of women don’t feel comfortable talking about with their mother or girlfriends. I work with women all the time that are in the same boat you are. No question is too weird or will make me uncomfortable. Go ahead, ask away!

Heidi ShulistaThree not-so-little Questions You Shouldn’t Have to Ask About Placenta Encapsulation

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