The Difference Between Kansas City Doulas and the Other Guys

When I sit down to talk to a couple about Kansas City Doulas I feel a need to let them know how we are different than the average doula. Most of the time they don’t ask because they can see it and feel it before they ever meet us. But in case you and I have not had the opportunity to speak together yet, or you’ve just landed on our site, let me give some of the biggest differences between us and them.

I began my work as a doula over a decade ago in Kansas City. At that time all of the doulas that were working pretty much did things the same way, the way they had always been. I watched as the old ways began to become more and more antiquated and I realized things needed to change. People needed to have a choice in not only the selection of doulas, but in the way the doulas practiced. There were many things happening amongst other doulas that I did not believe in or agree with. I began to seek another way. I saw the situation as something that needed a solution and I am a problem solver. I took it on.

We are the modern choice for clients. Kansas City Doulas was one of the very first doula agencies in the entire Midwest. Now they are cropping up in all of the major cities. This model is new and fresh. It’s the way doulas will all work in the future. I decided to bring it to Kansas City first because it solved many of the issues I believed needed fixed.

We are area hospitals choice for doulas.

  • Most doulas don’t last more than a year or two after they take their initial training. It is rare for a doula to be around for 10 or more years. I have been here for longer than that and I have worked every day to make sure my reputation as a doula was impeccable especially with doctors and midwives. I don’t see my work as a doula as a position of opposition to them. I believe in working collaboratively with the entire birth team. We all play a very different and distinct role. I have NEVER thought I should or have ever tried to make a medical decision for a client. I respect that the medical care providers have your health and safety at the fore front of their minds, I am glad that is not my responsibility. In comparison my job is simple compared to theirs. I know and understand why some providers may be hesitant or even skeptical about doulas. I get it. There are doulas that have burned bridges and don’t have any plans to rebuild them. That is not me. I am a professional doula, and I behave like a professional in hospitals. Doctors, midwives and nurses that have worked with Kansas City Doulas recognize a difference and they prefer us.

We recognize that being a doula is a profession and not a philosophy.

  • By seeing doula work as a profession it allows us to be completely unbiased in your birth. If we had a philosophy about birth or parenting, we may be more inclined to give you information that was slanted or leaned in the direction our own philosophy was in. We work very hard at bringing you the absolute best and highest quality service that Kansas City has to offer. We take your birth and our role in it very seriously. We know that this is the most important day of your life and we treat it as such. We are also free of judgment since this is our profession and not our philosophy, we don’t have an opinion about what you should do at your birth or as a parent.

We don’t use “back-up” doulas.

  • This may be one of my biggest pet peeves in doulas. The old way is to be hired by a client and if you, as a doula, are out of town or otherwise unavailable during your client’s birth, you call in a “back-up”. A back up doula may or may not be qualified but regardless, the client doesn’t know this person. Kansas City Doulas work in teams of two. You meet each doula the same amount of time, you get to know both doulas equally and form a bond with both. The doulas work together as your support team. One of the doulas will be at your birth, but she will be well-rested and tuned in to you and only you during your birth.

We are not birth junkies.

  • I hear this term and I cringe. To me birth should have no connection to a “junkie” of any kind. Doulas that are birth junkies go to a birth expecting to have an emotional and perhaps even physical, reaction from that birth. They want to feel a “birth high”. Kansas City Doulas don’t believe that any of the feels that happen at a birth belong to us, those belong to the family. Of course, as any professional, we have satisfaction at a job well done and we are proud and happy for our clients. Some doulas will even sacrifice themselves and their families to go to a birth to experience this, it is their compensation for attending the birth. Kansas City Doulas uses what all other professionals use for compensation- we get paid. We are career doulas, not hobbyists and not junkies.

We won’t abandon you.

  • No matter what decision you make, no matter what time you go into labor, no matter what day you go into labor, no matter what our friends or family are doing, no matter what time of year it is, no matter where you decide to give birth, no matter who you choose as a doctor or midwife, no matter if you change your plan half way through, no matter if you yell, scream, cuss or lose all control. We will not leave you.

These are five of the biggest differences between Kansas City Doulas and the other guys. We are proud to be the modern choice and the obvious choice for parents and families in Kansas City.

This blog was written as part of the World Doula Week Blog Challenge

Heidi ShulistaThe Difference Between Kansas City Doulas and the Other Guys

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