The Best Place For Placenta Encapsulation in Kansas City

The best place for placenta encapsulation in Kansas City is…your own kitchen! That’s why we only do it there at Kansas City Doulas!

Once home and refrigerated, we come to you. We are completely transparent and welcome any one that wants to watch our process.We are trained by ProDoula’s Placenta Prep.  ProDoula has the industry’s highest standards of practice and safety precautions. There is no regulatory board for placenta encapsulation.  It is up to the individual encapsulator to determine what they deem to be safe. Not all encapsulators are alike!

I could tell you stories that I have read and heard by other encapsulators about what happens when they transport the placenta. Including- mix ups, faulty refrigeration, kids playing in placenta, and the list goes on. No worries though,  we take precautions, such as leaving the transportation of your placenta up to you, so you don’t even have to wonder about such things!

Let’s not forget this is a raw organ; it is essentially meat. It should be cared for just as you would any raw meat.  Extra precautions should even be taken considering blood borne pathogens are a concern too, well, at least for us they are.

Here are our reasons for only processing your placenta in your home. The best place for placenta encapsulation in Kansas City:

  • You know it is yours – you will never have any doubt or have to wonder if the placenta is yours.
  • You have no idea if my house is clean– everyone has different standards when it comes to the cleanliness of their own home.
  • While we are there we can do so much more– Not only are we there to encapsulate your placenta but our postpartum placenta specialists are also postpartum doulas. Have questions or concerns after just giving birth? We can answer them and help you out!
  • You’re only exposed to your germs– having a completely sterile environment is impossible. There are always germs. At your home, your immune system is used to “your germs”. At my home, the germs would be something your system would have to adjust to.
  • You know nothing was added to your placenta– because we are completely transparent in our process you or someone you know could watch our every move to make sure we don’t add something to your placenta to “bulk it up”. Something that you might be allergic to.  Or could make you sick
  • You know you got every bit of your placenta– again, you can watch us. You know that we didn’t “skim off the top” and take some of your placenta with us. (yes this happens)
  • You know that it was kept fresh– since you or someone you trust, brings it to your home and places it in your refrigerator you know that it didn’t sit in a warm car or on a counter somewhere.
  • Your kitchen is cleaned–  your kitchen is as clean or in most cases cleaner than when we arrived. Who doesn’t love a clean kitchen especially after just having a baby?

Undoubtedly, the best place for placenta encapsulation in Kansas City is your very own kitchen. For us, placenta encapsulation is more than just a process, it is a service.



Heidi ShulistaThe Best Place For Placenta Encapsulation in Kansas City

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