Need Your Baby to Sleep Here’s a Solution: Sleep Training In Kansas City

You could benefit from Kansas City Doulas Sleep Training programs especially if the following is a typical night in your house:

8:00 lay baby down

8:15 baby cries

8:15:20 pick baby up and sway

8:45 baby still fussy

9:00 baby asleep

9:05 lay baby in crib

9:07 baby cries

9:07:20 pick baby up and sway

9:45 partner takes over while you shower

10:15 you take baby back and give what is supposed to be a dream feed but baby is awake

10:25 baby drowsy, lay baby down, tiptoe to your room

10:28 baby screams

10:28:20 you scream!

10:28:30 pick baby up and walk…

11:45 baby awake…

2:12 baby awake…

4:24 baby awake…

Both you and your partner are utterly exhausted. Your partner comes home after work and you fight about who is taking the first baby shift. All you want to do is eat, sleep, and cry.

Which is all your baby is doing it seems.

This is nonsense. Kansas City Doulas has a solution- Sleep Training!

Kansas City Doulas offers two options in sleep training- sleep shaping and sleep coaching. Baby’s aren’t born knowing when to sleep according to night or day. Getting help from the sleep experts at Kansas City Doulas can really make your family much happier and healthier. Lack of sleep can cause postpartum depression and can be just like having too much to drink when it comes to adults being able to function.

Sleep shaping is geared towards infants 6 weeks and older who just need a little help understanding nights from days. We offer a very gentle method of teaching baby some healthy sleep habits. The sleep experts will observe baby’s patterns and rhythms and make suggestions to help encourage longer sleep cycles (within safety guidelines), and more predictable routines. Not only do we come up with healthy habits to work with we come to you over 3 separate nights and make sure you understand what is happening, why, and what you can do to make your nights and baby’s so much more peaceful.

Kansas City Doulas works with your family for a week. You are provided with a plan, daily check ins and updates, strategy sessions, consulting, and email responses as often as you need. We never use “cry it out”, “Ferber”, or “extinction” methods. We aren’t suggesting your baby will be sleeping through the night, that isn’t even a realistic goal at such a young age, much less safe, but we can tell you that it will be more restful and your baby will go back to sleep easier.

Sleep coaching is babies at least 4 months of age (must be sleeping 5-6 hours at a time already, and have an okay from your pediatrician saying that your baby does not need to be woken to feed at night) and usually 6 months is even better. Sleep coaching takes place over 2 weeks.

You get ongoing support, a solid plan of action and step by step directions on how to help teach your baby to sleep all night. Daily check ins, strategy sessions, consulting with a sleep expert and answers to questions by email any time you need. This program also comes with 7 eight hour visits where we observe, implement the plan, initiate the plan, and work out the plan in your home while you sleep. We offer bedtime routine processing, overnight skills work, or a combination of both to really seal the healthy sleep habits in place. We never use “cry it out”, “Ferber”, or “extinction” methods.

By the end of these two weeks you and your baby can enjoy at least 8-9 hours of blissful uninterrupted sleep at night with no sleeping aids or devices such as a pacifier or swaddle.

Call us to set up your sleep training program!

Since this blog has published we have gotten an overwhelming number of inquiries! We are thrilled but don’t want to miss a single one! Please fill out a contact form on this website (Click “contact” on the left of the screen or at the bottom of the page) to have a sleep coach call you. Commenting on this blog may or may not be seen in a timely manner and we’d hate for you to miss out on the support you are needing.


Heidi ShulistaNeed Your Baby to Sleep Here’s a Solution: Sleep Training In Kansas City

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    Hi, can I find out what the fees are for sleep training help, for a 15 month old? Thanks

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    Elyse Newth

    I’m VERY interested in your program for our 8 month old. Your program sounds like it would be a good fit for us. What are your rates and what would they include? I look forward to hearing from you!:)

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