Why Should I Encapsulate My Placenta

I’m choosing placenta encapsulation because I’m hoping for more energy. After I had my babies, exhaustion hit me like a ton of bricks. With my first, it wasn’t a huge problem because it was just him and I, and I could sleep when he slept and do laundry when he did laundry (only kidding!). With my second, I had a toddler … Read More

Heidi ShulistaWhy Should I Encapsulate My Placenta

Everyone Needs Sleep

I remember like it was yesterday. I was standing in the line at the grocery store when an older woman who I knew came over to me to admire my new baby. She smiled and said kind words to the less than month old tiny little bundle in the baby seat. Then she looked at me and said “How are … Read More

Heidi ShulistaEveryone Needs Sleep

We Are Your Postpartum Tribe

The postpartum period has also been coined as the “Fourth Trimester”. It makes sense that since you needed three trimesters to grow the baby you would need at least one to physically and emotionally recover from the pregnancy and birth. Clients spend months planning and preparing for the birth. They educate themselves by taking classes, doing countless google searches, even … Read More

Heidi ShulistaWe Are Your Postpartum Tribe

Nanny, Baby Nurse or Postpartum Doula- Which One is Right For Your Family?

They said you’d be tired but you had no idea that you could even be THIS tired. What happened to the sleepy little babes you brought home just 3 shorts weeks ago? You know the ones that ate, pooped, slept…repeat. Now it seems they make noise constantly even in their sleep. Who ever thought “sleeping like a baby” was a … Read More

Heidi ShulistaNanny, Baby Nurse or Postpartum Doula- Which One is Right For Your Family?

How Will I Survive After Having a Baby?

Bringing a baby home is one of the most joyous, exciting, and fulfilling times in our lives. It can also be one sought with fear, anxiety, intimidation and uneasiness. It can be downright overwhelming. There aren’t too many sympathizers either even though most people have been through it. A common statement I hear among our clients and their friends and families … Read More

Heidi ShulistaHow Will I Survive After Having a Baby?

When I Realized My Boobs Can’t Fix Everything

Every job I’ve had since the age of 14 has taught me some valuable lessons.  Some jobs taught me that I don’t enjoy hard labor, other jobs taught me that I love working with families in transition.  Working as a postpartum doula has taught me some of the more interesting lessons.   Boobs can’t fix everything – specifically my boobs. … Read More

Heidi ShulistaWhen I Realized My Boobs Can’t Fix Everything

Are We Normal? What’s Normal?

I remember vividly the first time I saw him. I was changing my newborn baby girl’s diaper in her room. I felt a presence behind me. My hair stood up on end. My stomach dropped. I froze, unable to move. He was here. I held my breath. I needed to protect my baby but was terrified to turn and face … Read More

Heidi ShulistaAre We Normal? What’s Normal?