Postpartum Care for new moms 

A postpartum doula understands the stress and pressure a woman feels when she brings a new baby home.

Kansas City Doulas’ desire is to make that transition as seamless and peaceful for our clients as possible.
Close your eyes and imagine this…
You delivered your baby (or babies) a mere 5 days ago, you are exhausted and frustrated. Your partner is going back to work in a couple of days and you are left wondering how you’ll manage when it’s just you and your baby.
Although your family and friends are excited to meet and hold your baby, what you really need is help in figuring out what to do next… You are anxious about breastfeeding without the support of the nurses or lactation consultants at the hospital, you are tired and hungry and you just want to be the best parents you can be to your new little bundle.
Suddenly you remember that Kansas City Doulas come for overnight help with newborns. She will provide the best relief so that you can shower, eat, and sleep with out having to worry about your new little bundle getting upset or being alone while you take care of yourself. You give Kansas City Doulas a call and are instantly at ease hearing that help for exhausted moms is available in Kansas City.
She arrives and the first thing she says is “you are doing great. This is normal.”  You feel validated as a new mom and know that everything truly is going to be alright.
She gathers a load of laundry, gets it started and makes you and your partner some lunch. Together you make a shopping list for the week including some items she suggests that you will need for the baby. When your baby is sleeping quietly in your arms and a cup of tea is handed to you exactly how you like it, you know in your heart that everything is going to be fine.
With a postpartum doula from Kansas City Doulas 
Your expectations should include everything from day to day light housekeeping to breastfeeding support and hands on education in relation to newborn care. Your doula will run your errands or teach you to run your errands with your new baby in tow. She can support your family for a minimum of 4 hours during the day or 8 hours during the night. Your doula is also available for 24 hour care as well as short-term live in care.
Kansas City Doulas specialize in caring for families with multiples in the Kansas City area. They take care of the whole family, not just the babies. Recovering from a Cesarean birth, or vaginal birth they nurture you while you nurture your baby.  Whether you are breastfeeding, exclusively pumping and bottle feeding, or using formula Kansas City Doulas are here for you.
No need is too great or too small for Kansas City Doulas. We are honored to serve your family on your path to parenthood.

Heidi ShulistaPostpartum Doula