Postpartum Doulas Do That

At least three times a week my mom comes to my house to hang out, clean my kitchen, and help wrangle my toddler.

She doesn’t clean my kitchen because she enjoys it or because I really dislike cleaning my own house.  She does it because she knows it benefits my mental health to focus less on my kitchen and focus more on growing my business.  She makes no judgement when on Monday the kitchen looks no different than when she left it on Thursday.  She doesn’t question whether or not I’m capable of running a home.  She simply knows that I had more pressing things – like spending the brief bit of free time my family has together.

Postpartum doulas do that.  As a postpartum doula I will clean your kitchen because I know it allows you to spend more time with your new baby.  It will allow you to spend some quality time with your spouse and continue building the bond that created that new little person.

My mom plays with and entertains my toddler.  Not only because she loves spending time with her grandchildren, but because she knows that when Fern is well cared for I can more easily focus on the work that I’m doing – or get a much needed nap after a particularly long birth.  She doesn’t question my parenting decisions – despite the fact that many of them are completely different from how she parented me.

Postpartum doulas do that.  As a postpartum doula I will hold your baby and care for your toddler while you get a much needed shower or nap.  I will care for your baby in exactly the way you like – either bringing baby to you to nurse or feeding baby a bottle while you get uninterrupted sleep.  You know your baby best and I will follow your lead

Finally, my mom simply listens to me talk.  We have real adult conversations.  Like many parents who spend much of their day at home I can get pretty socially isolated.  My mom and I have meaningful conversations about both important issues – like the latest funny video she found on Facebook and about other issues like my marriage, my children, and my health.

Postpartum Doulas Do That.  As a postpartum doula I’m an ear to listen.  I understand that sometimes you just need to get the thoughts out of your head.  Maybe you aren’t looking for suggestions, solutions, or advice.  Maybe you just need to talk through it.  I understand that and will listen to you talk about the changes that this beautiful baby has created in your marriage, your relationships and your body.  

My mom is an amazing postpartum doula and doesn’t even know it.  One day I plan to get her into a ProDoula training and look forward to working alongside her.  But for now, I’m going to keep her all to myself.   

Authored by Brook Town– labor and postpartum doula as part of the World Doula Week Blog Challenge

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