Placenta- The Fruit of Your Labor

Giving birth can be broken down into several stages and phases. We could certainly talk all day about pregnancy, labor and birth. Seriously, I could and do talk all day about these topics. But there is one piece of the puzzle that rarely gets the attention it deserves- The placenta.

There are 3 stages of birth. The first stage is labor. This is what we typically think about when we talk about “giving birth”. This is where the long hard work is done. The second stage is when we are pushing the baby out. While this part is hard work it is typically much shorter than the first stage. The third stage is the PLACENTA!

The placenta is so amazing it gets a stage all to itself. It is the fruit of your labor, albeit the mystical fruit but a fruit of labor nonetheless. In comparison the placenta is easily birthed and most of the time it takes not much more than a grunt for it to come out.

Let’s back up a second. Forty-ish weeks ago your body began making a baby from two tiny cells hooking up. The cells split and each time they split the cells were assigned a role. Whether they would end up an eye, an arm, a leg or a placenta. Not only did your body make a baby, it made an entire organ to nurture, grow, and sustain that baby while it grew inside of you. If that doesn’t impress you then I don’t know what would! But what happens next may blow your mind! Minutes after the baby is born your body knows that the placenta is no longer needed and it is expelled.

That’s right! Out comes the placenta. Now the question here is do you consider it medical waste or is it something to be treasured as the fruit of your labor? If you fall into the first category no problem the relationship with your placenta is over.

But if you fall into the second category there are numerous honorable things you can do with your placenta. Here are a few:

  • You can have it encapsulated. The benefits to having this done are numerous and include restoring iron, increasing milk supply, maintain energy levels, and supporting mood stabilization.
  • You can plant it and use to fertilize a tree. This is a symbolic act to commemorate the life and birth of the placenta.
  • You can make prints of the placenta to memorialize it.
  • You can have it made into make salves and tinctures. While there are no studies to support this, these recipes have been very helpful in many women’s recovery from birth.

Kansas City Doulas can encapsulate your placenta and make a tincture or salve from it. We use the highest standards in safety when preparing your organ for consumption. We are the premier provider of  placenta encapsulation services in Kansas City. Whether you choose to throw it out or you keep it in some way, there is no denying it’s truly amazing powers that assisted in creating the life inside of you.

Heidi ShulistaPlacenta- The Fruit of Your Labor

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