Our Favorite Baby Products to Buy In Kansas City

Kansas City Doulas gets asked all the time by new parents or soon-to-be-parents what our favorite products are. We have quite a few! We thought we’d start with our top twelve baby products that can be purchased in Kansas City. The doulas took a trip to Itsy Bitsy Bums right here in Brookside, to check out and highlight our favorites list. *Kansas City Doulas has worked with many clients that use these items, however, as with any product you should check first with your doctor and then proceed with your own research to decide what is best for your baby.


EZPZ Happy Mat (Sam)

Picture this, you’ve just swept and mopped your floor, finally! Its lunch time. You set the toddler up with some berries, crackers and cheese on a plate and turn your back to pour them some milk. *crash* You whip around to see the berries, crackers and cheese scattered and squished all over your freshly cleaned kitchen floor. This moment is definitely cry worthy. The EZPZ Happy Mat alleviates this problem because it suctions to your table. It’s the most amazing “plate” i’ve ever seen and I suggest it to anyone starting with table food. Your kitchen floor with thank us.


Feather Feet Baby Moccasins

How could we NOT add this to the list? Our very own, Samantha Moore has a hidden talent. She is the owner of Feather Feet and makes beautiful baby moccasins and flats for ages newborn to 3T. These moccasins are made of genuine leather that is thick and buttery soft. Itsy Bitsy Bums supplies various colors in all sizes that change throughout the seasons so they don’t last long! These moccasins are a breeze for mom or dad to put on but tough for baby to kick or take off. Gone are the days of the missing socks and shoes. Plus they are so dang cute!


Magnetic onesie (Heidi)

You know in the middle of the night when changing a diaper is sure to wake baby? And if you do get through the change, then there are all those crazy snaps to find and wrangle with? Well
not on these jammies. These are “snapped’ with magnets! They are brilliant!


Manhattan toy Winkel Baby Toy and Rattle (Sam)

I’ve never run across a baby who doesn’t love this little toy. It’s easy to grasp on too and because it’s not round, it doesn’t roll away from your stationery little one. This toy is perfect for early learners as the bright colors and rattle sound help stimulate baby during those early months when play is so crucial to brain development. And because you aren’t chasing after a rolling ball, you’ll be able to enjoy it too!


Wet bag (Heidi)

Whether you are cloth diapering or using disposables these wet bags sure come in handy. You never know when I diaper may get out of your control, or your little guy or gal has a afternoon of drooling madness. Don’t put those damp clothes back in your diaper bag! Keep one in each car just to be prepared.


816 onesie (Heidi)

No one knows about city wide pride like Kansas City! Go ahead and boast about where you come from, or better yet, let your baby do it too! This Adorable onesie featured at Lauren Alexander in downtown Brookside says it all.


The Nose Frida (Heidi)

Don’t let this one turn you squeamish! This device is the number one seller at Itsy bitsy Bums. Parents that have gotten past the “ick” factor and have used it rave about it. When your baby is sick, fussy, and has clogged nasal passages it sets them and YOU up for the perfect storm.  They can’t breathe, sleep or nurse when this happens. So, get out the Nose Frida and suck to your heart’s content. Bulb syringes are a cesspool for bacteria, and most of the time they cause more crying and frustration because they are so difficult to use.  This is your solution to a stuffy nose.


The Mamaroo (Heidi)

What can’t it do! This swing/seat moves and sways just like a mother holding a baby. Even the most temperamental baby will enjoy the rhythm of the Mamaroo. Side to side, up and down, and everything in between and THEN it also plays white noise in several different varieties as well. We recommend this as the best swing to buy a baby.


Little Mr. Bowties (Sam)

Bowties on little boys have quickly become a fashion trend in recent years. You can see them everywhere, adorning little man outfits for any special occasion. Little Mr. Bow ties, created by a mom in Las Vegas, felt the need to make her sons a stylish bow tie without the fear of having something around her baby’s neck. Little Mr. Bow ties are button on bow ties that are nothing short of genius and adorable!


L’ovedbaby Organic Cotton Collection (Sam)

The L’ovedbaby Organic Cotton collection is a parents dream! Available in the basic gown and onesie as well as other various styles, these outfits are so soft, it will make cuddling your new little one even more of a dream. Built in mittens keep your baby’s precious face from getting scratched by new nails and the easy on and off design of both styles make middle of the night (and nap!) diaper changes a breeze. We love these little outfits!


Swaddle Blankets (Sam)

These swaddle blankets from Little Unicorn are the most beautiful and fun prints i’ve ever seen in a swaddle. The muslin fabric softens with every wash and makes for the perfect swaddle, snuggle or blanket on the go. These blankets are especially perfect for the summer when they can double as so many things, including a makeshift play mat on a beautiful summer day in the park. Every Mom needs plenty of these! Don’t leave home without your swaddle!


Sophie le Giraffe and Blanket gift box (Sam)

No parent understands it but every parent can tell you, Sophie Le Giraffe is a must have toy. It’s basically just a squeaky toy for babies and it’s all at once fairly annoying and highly effective to calm your teething little one. Sophie is made of 100% natural rubber and food paint so she’s safe to chew on. And as for the blanket? It’s pure luxury! This combo is the perfect baby shower gift for any new mom to be.

Heidi ShulistaOur Favorite Baby Products to Buy In Kansas City

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