This Is Not Your Grandma’s Childbirth Class

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Birthing classes have been around for a long time. One of the first ones I remember hearing about was Lamaze. With their “hee hee hoos” and other rhythmic breathing methods, Lamaze is what typically comes to mind when some people think of childbirth class. Turns out their instructions weren’t as effective as people thought. That is an antiquated method of birthing classes, even Lamaze doesn’t believe in this style anymore.

Honestly, that’s when your grandmother likely took the class and we know a ton has changed since those days.

This is actually the case with most, if not all, options for birthing classes. They are still taught the same way they were in the 70s and 80s. Honestly, that’s when your grandmother likely took the class and we know a ton has changed since those days. Just for an idea of how far we’ve come our grandmothers were still holding their babies in their laps in cars, giving babies honey on a binkie to quiet them, and using whiskey on teething gums. Why would anyone want to take the same type of childbirth course that our grandmothers did? But I digress…

Kansas City Doulas has revolutionized the way childbirth ed is taught. We’ve taken in information and feedback from literally hundreds and hundreds of clients we’ve had as doulas and used it to form a class that alleviates the things people complained about and highlights the stuff that is useful. Not only did we listen to people that had sat through other classes and then gave birth, but for these hundreds of couples we were actually at their births. We saw how prepared they were, how much knowledge they had, and whether it was up-to-date or not. We witnessed if the class had been useful or a waste of money.

With all of this we created Having a Baby: 101. Modern families are extremely busy and don’t have time to take several weeks’ worth or even an entire day to dedicate to classes. It’s not that you don’t think the information is important but you can google or You Tube practically everything you need to know. Why waste time sitting in class when you can learn it on your own? Our class gives couples what they won’t find in books or on google. Childbirth education classes are expensive and the cheap ones offered by hospitals don’t cover anything that couples can’t just read about. We know you are smart and savvy. We’ve priced our class at just $100 per couple to make is accessible to everyone.

We have truly flipped childbirth classes upside down to give you what you need, want, and expect to get from a birthing class. Registration is easy, locations are convenient, the concept is simple. See you in class!

Heidi ShulistaThis Is Not Your Grandma’s Childbirth Class

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