No Doubt (Placenta Encapsulation)


One of my favorite bands of all time, mostly because of the bad-ass lead singer, the only female in the band, Gwen Stefani. In the 90s when this band debuted she was seen as a rebel, someone making her own way through a sea of mostly male alternative bands. Punk rock meets glam- that was Gwen! She had some edge to her but she was also very girly. I fell in love with her and what she stood for because I totally related! I thought she sang those songs straight to me in the second row when I saw her in concert the first time.

Gwen did her thing. She kept singing even when she was pouring sweat on stage under the bright lights and hot air from the crowd. She wore her Vans sneakers, and her bright red lipstick and she kept looking forward even as those around her had doubt as to whether she’s ever make it BIG.

I’m not an A-list celebrity, not a celebrity at all, far from it. I am a doula, a mother, a wife, a career woman, a professional and a passionate provider for my family. But Gwen and I do have quite a few things in common. I’ll get back to this in a bit.

ProDoula launches it’s Postpartum Placenta Specialist training and certification program this month. Kansas City Doulas will host the first ever training for this program- what a HUGE honor! All the big players in the industry will be there including owners of ProDoula, Randy Patterson and Debbie Aglietti! I chose ProDoula to certify the doulas I use because I want my clients to have NO DOUBT about the safety, reliability, and legality of the process of encapsulating their placenta. KCD will use a consistent, highly skilled, and professionally trained person to help your mind be at ease when it comes to this service.

As a client you will have NO DOUBT that

* laws have been followed regarding transporting your placenta

* highest protocols of cleanliness have been followed

* standard protocols for food preparation have been used

* capsules you ingest are from YOUR placenta

KCD realizes you have a choice with whom you decide to hire to encapsulate your placenta. I have chosen to use ProDoula to train and certify my staff because they have the highest standards and expectations of their Postpartum Placenta Specialists and at Kansas City Doulas I do too.

Like Gwen, sometimes I am seen as a rebel, with some edge because of the way I have chosen for KCD to process placentas. Sometimes I feel like the bright lights are on me, and I feel the hot air beating down from the “crowd”. But if it means you, as my client, get the best from Kansas City Doulas, which I have NO DOUBT you will each and every time, then I’m fine with that. I’ll be kickin’ it in my Vans and cherry-red lipstick, I’m all done walking in the spider webs.

Heidi ShulistaNo Doubt (Placenta Encapsulation)

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