New Birth Company Sponsors No Child Wet Behind Kansas City

In May 2017 No Child Wet Behind Kansas City will be hosted by Kansas City Doulas. New Birth Company has generously sponsored this event. We are so appreciative to them and know that together we can close the diaper disparity in Kansas City.

We want to tell you a few things about our experience with new birth company as doulas and also has women having babies. Here is what Brook Town has to say:

“New Birth Company is our presenting sponsor for this year’s No Child Wet Behind 5k and Diaper Drive.  As a doula and recently postpartum woman, there are dozens of things I love about New Birth Company.  Below are my top 5.


New Birth Company has provides their patients with numerous options during labor and delivery.  Women are encouraged to labor in whatever way is comfortable for them.  Tubs in each room allow women access to hydrotherapy throughout labor and delivery – in fact; New Birth Company is the only birthing facility that currently allows for a water birth.  As a doula, I have seen women deliver their babies in the water, on the bed, on a birthing stool,  and standing up.  Each of these options was encouraged and facilitated by the support people around her.  

Hospital Relationships

New Birth maintains positive working relationships with many of the Kansas City Metro area hospitals.  This is invaluable to New Birth’s patients in the rare instance that a hospital transfer is necessary.  My own birth with New Birth occurred at Research Medical Center because baby just couldn’t wait for 37 weeks.  Because of their relationship with Research, my midwife was still able to attend my birth and made it as close to the birth I had originally envisioned as possible.  

Home Like

When explaining New Birth Company to my friends and family, I often told them it was a lot like having a home birth at a close friend’s house – a close friend that had all the latest medical technology and training to keep me and my baby safe.  New Birth Company works hard to create a very warm and inviting environment.  Delivery rooms look as far from a hospital room as possible, with all the necessary medical equipment kept close but hidden.  This home-like environment is so helpful in keeping the oxytocin flowing.  

Support is Important

Partners, other family members, and even children are welcome to attend and encouraged to participate as much as they feel comfortable.  The midwives and nurses at New Birth Company understand that while the laboring person is doing a lot of hard work, other family are also having important emotional changes happening.  New Birth Company also understands the importance of other support and is incredibly welcoming to doulas.  


New Birth Company realizes that they are a part of a larger community and work hard to support and improve their community.  Globally they work to improve birth outcomes by supporting organizations such as Mercy and Truth and Maison De Naissance.  Locally they work to improve the lives of babies, children and families by supporting organizations such as Mother and Child Health Coalition and No Child Wet Behind.  As our presenting sponsor, they have worked to make this event and diaper drive a success so that our beneficiary, Happy Bottoms, can continue to help keep babies in diapers for many days, months and years to come. “

We look forward to seeing you at the race this year and in the following years!

Heidi ShulistaNew Birth Company Sponsors No Child Wet Behind Kansas City

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