Nanny, Baby Nurse or Postpartum Doula- Which One is Right For Your Family?

They said you’d be tired but you had no idea that you could even be THIS tired. What happened to the sleepy little babes you brought home just 3 shorts weeks ago? You know the ones that ate, pooped, slept…repeat. Now it seems they make noise constantly even in their sleep. Who ever thought “sleeping like a baby” was a good thing was sorely mistaken.

Now your husband has gone back to work, he needs sleep in the night so you’re getting up with the twins. And when was the last time you took a real shower? More than just a quick lather, and hair scrub. And shaving…hahahahaha!

What’s happened and when will it end? You have to go back to work in a few weeks and at this rate you’ll never be able to make it through a single day of work much less weeks on end. You need something to give. You need overnight help with twins. You need a miracle. You need an overnight postpartum doula that can get twins to sleep.

Kansas City Doula specializes in multiples. We can help twins, triplets or even quads sleep so that you can sleep. Even if they don’t sleep we’ll get up with them in the night so you can be productive during the day. We provide a respite for sleep deprived parents so that you can function and enjoy your babies.

A quick google search reveals that there are several different options for help. It can all be very overwhelming and frankly you don’t have time to figure it all out. Are you wondering what the difference is between an overnight postpartum doula, a night nanny, and a baby nurse? Here is a simple straight-forward comparison between the three.

*Kansas City Postpartum doula is a legitimate position of professionals that are trained and certified. Kansas City Doulas uses ProDoula to train and certify all of our doulas

Baby nurses are not a legitimate profession; this is a self-proclaimed title. Nannies are not certified

*Kansas City Postpartum doula utilizes her skills to assist the entire family, not just take care of the baby.

Baby nurses and nannies only take care of your infant and other children.

*Kansas City Doulas Postpartum doulas do not dictate to you how to raise your children or what you should be doing with your baby. She listens to your needs, and desires and your parenting style and philosophy and follows it. In fact, she helps create ways to make sure things are done exactly like you want them.

Nannies and baby nurses choose how to take care of your children and will often want you, the parents,  to abide by the routines, schedules and rules that they have.

*Kansas City Doulas Postpartum doulas are unbiased and non judgmental.

Nannies and baby nurses have a bias towards specific types of parenting and will often judge parents that go against the ways of parenting that they believe to be the right ways.

*Kansas City Postpartum doulas are a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, excellent popcorn makers and movie watchers. We’ll sit right beside you on the couch and hear you out if that is what you need.

Nannies and baby nurses are not there for your emotional health or well being. They are not trained or equipped to listen and support you in this way.

*Kansas City Postpartum doulas are experts in caring for infants. We have all sorts of tricks up our sleeves.

Baby nurses and nannies may or may not have a distinct knowledge of infant care. Often they have learned from other nannies.

*Kansas City Postpartum doulas are experts in mother’s recovery from birth.

Baby Nurses and nannies have no idea how to care for a woman that has recently given birth or what is considered “normal” recovery

*Kansas City Postpartum Doulas understand the nuances of bringing a baby home. We know that it can be overwhelming and joyous, difficult and exhilarating, and that you may feel sad and elated.

Nannies and baby nurses are not concerned with your mental health nor do they understand what you may be going through.

*Kansas City Postpartum doulas know what is normal and when you should see a health care provider.

Nannies ad baby nurses leave it up to you to know what is normal and when to call your provider. Most of the time they would have no idea if you have questions or concerns since their job has nothing to do with you.

*Kansas City Doulas Postpartum doulas understand the eccentricities and dynamics of relationships and how they can be affected by becoming parents.

Nannies and baby nurses are not interacting with the family in a way that would put them in a position to understand these dynamics or know what to do even if they did.

*Kansas City Doulas Postpartum doulas are not babysitters.

 Nannies and baby nurses are babysitters

*Kansas City Postpartum doulas can anticipate what your needs are before you know you have them. Connection and attunement is something we strive for to be able to really grasp what your family needs.

Nannies and baby nurses are not aware of what it means to connect and attune to you and your babies.

*Kansas City Doulas postpartum doulas provide the highest quality care to the whole family through the ultimate level of professionalism.

Nannies and baby nurses have no standards of care or professionalism

Kansas City Doulas Postpartum doulas may not be a miracle but the twins don’t know that and we aren’t going to tell them.





Heidi ShulistaNanny, Baby Nurse or Postpartum Doula- Which One is Right For Your Family?

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    I think we have spoken before about a night doula. Currently I would love someone to come over 15-20 hours in the daytime in about a month or so. I didn’t know if you had anyone available? I had my baby boy the 21st!

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    Hi! I had a little girl jan 20th and am very interested in talking w u about having help w breastfeeding asap- I have a clogged duct and am very uncomfortable and also about your night services asap. Call or text works best. 316-304-4781

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