Marisa started helping and supporting families as a teenager. She found her place in the homes of many families as a babysitter. She stayed present during the many transitions that the families would face, and she provided the much needed support through it all. She was a system of support and gentle guidance to many of these families for years, up until the point she started her own.

Marisa has a gentle spirit and people easily warm up to her. She makes people comfortable in her presence in an instant by tuning in and listening to what they are saying. She loves helping clients relax through the birth and parenthood transition. She uses her intuition and keen sense of her client’s unique needs to help achieve this.

Marisa is a mom of three children. She has lived her whole life in Kansas City and has enjoyed being a part of a big “small” town. Marisa knows her way around a kitchen and bakes a mean chocolate chip cookie.

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