Childbirth Classes in Kansas City

Childbirth classes in Kansas City can be convenient and interesting!

Kansas City Doulas knows how important it is to be educated and knowledgeable about your upcoming birth and we want to help!

With knowledge come choices and awareness. Our goal has always been to give you the best birth possible for YOU; starting off with a solid education is key.  We also know how incredibly busy you are and that most childbirth classes in Kansas City require hours upon hours of commitment. This can be very discouraging to couples and often they give up taking a course altogether. But there is a simple solution!

We want you to feel empowered well, this course was developed with YOU, the modern family, in mind. Straight forward, evidence-based, streamlined, and affordable describe this class in a nutshell. It’s exactly the information you need to be able to make educated decisions and to be prepared about your birth and nothing that you don’t want. Don’t leave your birth up to chance.

The concept is simple-

Having a Baby: 101 is taught over 4 hours one Saturday a month and locations and times may vary (click the register button to see location and date options). The cost is $100 per couple
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Course will include the following topics:

  • Communication between partners
  • Birth plan
  • Positioning of Mom
  • Positioning of Baby
  • The labor process
  • Non-medical pain relief options
  • Medical pain relief options
  • Pushing
  • Delivery of placenta
  • What takes place after the birth

We know how important this day is for you and your family. We have written this class to help you feel empowered and confident during the birth. This course will help you relieve some anxiety by preparing you for what’s to come.

Kansas City Doulas respects that every couple may choose a different course for their births. Our course gives you information but what you do with it is up to you. We support all births.

Additional courses offered through KC Birth Prep

  • Having a Baby: 201
  • Birth After Cesarean
  • Comfort Measures: 102
  • Grandparent Prep

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