I’m Pregnant!

woman holding pregnancy test

The minute a women gets pregnant, a million things go through her mind!



“What do I do now?”

“Will it be a boy or a girl?”

“My whole life is changing.”

“How do I tell people?”

There are a few schools of thought for how to tell the general public about your pregnancy:

-Tell everyone right away!

Put it up on social media and celebrate your pregnancy with the world. Whether you choose a cute family photo or a quick status announcement, letting the world know can be exhilarating and so much fun! Many believe that one of the downsides of revealing your pregnancy so early is the chance of miscarriage. Some believe that there’s positive in sharing your experience and the camaraderie that can come from sharing such a personal time.


-Share the news with your immediate family and friends until you feel comfortable sharing with the world.

For some, that means sharing around your 12th week as your chances of miscarriage start to decrease. My favorite pregnancy announcement ever was a few months after my dear friend suffered a miscarriage. It had been a very difficult time for her and her family. One day I went over to her home for a play date, knocked on the door and was greeted by a very confused but adorable 2 year old holding what looked like a pencil. I said “good morning!” and began to stroll in. The two year old said “take this!” so I did. Lo and behold a positive pregnancy test was given to me and lots of excitement and joy commenced.


-Wait until the baby is born and surprise everyone!

Some of the most fun announcements I’ve ever seen have been after the baby was born. This may not be an option with family and friends that live near by as they will most likely see your expanding belly, but friends on social media who live far from you will be thrilled to see a new addition to your family!


-Wait for the gender reveal.

Doctors usually prescribe an anatomy scan around 20 weeks. A fun way to announce your pregnancy is to also announce the gender of the baby. There’s so many fun ways to announce the gender of your new baby and it can be fairly easy, for some, to hide your expanding belly until you’ve made it to the 20 week point!


Whenever and however you choose to announce your pregnancy, know that it’s up to you and your timing!

You get to decide how it happens, where and with who. Its ok to keep it to yourself for a while, if that’s what you want! Having such an amazing and fulfilling secret can be fun, exciting and comforting. Sharing the news right away with everyone and their neighbor can provide an amazing community of people to rally with in times of need and celebration.


Whichever you decide, congratulations! You’ve just started the journey of a lifetime.

Heidi ShulistaI’m Pregnant!

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