I Make No Apologies For My Realness

messy kitchen covered in dishes

This is the current state of my kitchen. Yes, that’s the sink under there. Now I don’t have much of an excuse other than I just haven’t felt like doing the dishes lately. Unfortunately, my husband has felt the same! haha. But this is real life for most moms especially new moms. Now, let me paint a picture for you … Read More

Heidi ShulistaI Make No Apologies For My Realness

Romantic Getaways in Kansas City

suite in a luxury hotel in Kansas City

Planning a trip can be stressful and time consuming plus having a new baby to care. Who has the energy for that?  Why not stay local and enjoy a romantic getaway right here in Kansas City! The most important piece is to spend time together without a crying baby or the stress of having to take care of another person while … Read More

Heidi ShulistaRomantic Getaways in Kansas City

New Parents Need Sleep

overly tired mother frustrated that baby won't sleep

There seems to be a lot of judgment around how, when, and where you put your baby to sleep. This pains me to see because I also know the flip side of this coin, and that is the lack of sleep moms and dads are getting after bringing a baby home. Let me set the scene: Deliriously sleepy, happy baby … Read More

Heidi ShulistaNew Parents Need Sleep

To All The Dads, Daddies, and Fathers Out There

Aw, man! Dadss have such a special place in my heart! I love working with Dads. Here is a shout out to all the Dads out there that have ever: 1) Painted your wife or significant other’s toenails for her when she could no longer reach them herself, and never gave it a second thought. 2) Held her hair back … Read More

Heidi ShulistaTo All The Dads, Daddies, and Fathers Out There