Kansas City Doulas 

Is an amazing team of qualified, certified, experienced Doulas that are ready to make you their number one priority at a moments notice.

At Kansas City Doulas we know that the services that we provide, postpartum support as well as labor support, are extremely intimate and that your relationship with your Doula is a sacred one.

Rest assured that you will be given the judgment-free support that you deserve in order to freely explore your birthing and parenting options.

Nothing is too personal to discuss with your doula nor is any question too big or too small. Kansas City Doulas encourages you to speak with your doula often, as we know that building that relationship during pregnancy will lead you to an overall more satisfying birth or postpartum experience. The uncertainties of birth and newborns are more manageable when you and your partner have the support of your trusted doula by your side.

Your doula will come to your home to support you before it is time to go to the hospital. You will take comfort in knowing that her qualifications and expertise, await your every need. She will know the right time to go to the hospital and will help you during that process. Once at the hospital your doula will provide the physical, emotional and educational support that you require to best navigate your way through the life changing event that we call birth.

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