Doulas In The Northland

I remember more than twelve years ago when I became a doula there were certain places, particularly the Northland, in Kansas City where doulas were not allowed to practice. As much as I was sort of put off by this I completely understood why.

Many doulas believe that it is their job to make sure you have an all-natural labor. That would mean that even if you change your mind, even if there is a medical issue, she would still be fighting for a natural birth for you. It would also mean that she could make the environment a dangerous one, or at the very least just not very calm and relaxing. At Kansas City Doulas we believe our job is to support you in what you want.

This is what was happening in the Northland, and finally the hospitals just said “No more doulas”. Since the hospital can’t determine which doulas are supporting women and working professionally and which ones are creating potentially dangerous situations, they banned all of us. It was devastating to not be able to work as doulas in the Northern Kansas City area.

An amazing thing happened, in large part due to the doulas that are part of Kansas City Doulas, the ban was lifted several months ago. Doulas are now welcome to attend the births of their clients at North Kansas City Hospital and St. Luke’s North. We are pleased and tickled pink to once again be able to work and support women in these hospitals.

The difference with Kansas City Doulas is that we know that a doula is there at your birth to support a healthy bond and a healthy mind. We respect the fact that your care providers have been selected by you to keep you and your baby safe and healthy. We know both of these can take place at the same time in the same space and everyone can work together smoothly and harmoniously giving you the opportunity to stay calm and relaxed and able to make the decisions you need to make throughout the process.

Remaining professional while giving the most caring and compassionate support possible is the kind of care we give. Being there to hold your hand if you need it, a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear when you just need to know someone understands you- that is what we provide to you as our client. Your doula often feels like your best friend, or your sister- like family. We get to know one another so well that by the time it’s ‘Birth’ day, we know what you need and want often before you do. We feel so incredibly honored to be a part of this special day in your family’s lives. We take it very seriously, and would never take that honor for granted.

We know that there are still doulas in Kansas City that are activists for one particular type of birth, but we want you to know we will support you no matter what type of birth YOU choose. Kansas City Doulas believes this is your birth, and you make the decisions; we support you without bias or judgment, and we will never leave your birth if you decide to change course in the middle. We are with you through and through.

We have worked now as doulas in the Northland, and as doulas in North Kansas City for many years and are happy to work with you and your family soon. We serve families everywhere as the doulas of greater Kansas City area in all hospitals and birth centers. Attending and supporting you and your partner during the birth of your baby will be an honor for us no matter where you go.

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