Labor Support 

The support that you can expect from your Kansas City Doula begins the moment you hire her.
Your doula is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you and ready to make you our number one priority at a moments notice.
Our pregnant clients often ask questions like, “How will I know if I’m in labor?” and “What do contractions feel like?” The answer is always the same, call us as often as you like so that we can help you understand exactly what is happening! Our clients as well as their partners take great comfort in knowing that we are just a phone call away.
Your doula will meet you at home when you are ready for her to come to you and she will help you to know the “right” time to go to the hospital. She will be with you from the moment she arrives, providing educational, physical and emotional support to you and your partner until you are comfortably snuggled in with your baby.
Continuity of care is an essential ingredient in labor support.
The 1st visit is within a few weeks of your birth and serves as a planning session for you and  your doulas. We want to know every detail that is important to you about your birth. The doulas will also talk to you about any questions, fear or anxiety you may be having leading up to the birth. Our goal is for you to feel as confident and at ease as possible going into the big day.
Kansas City Doulas will follow up with you in your home within a week of arriving home from the hospital or birth center.  Birth can be a very surreal process and our experience tells us that you will likely have questions that need to be answered after your birth. Your Doula will answer those questions as well as any you may have in regard to newborn care or breastfeeding. This visit lasts approximately one hour.
Kansas City Doulas deems postpartum support among our highest priority. New parents often need an extra set of hands, or someone to be there while they nap or sleep though the night. We strive for continuity of care from the moment you know you are pregnant until you decide you are finished with our service.

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