Doulas: Wedding Planners For Birth and Parenting


The wedding planner.

Everyone says they couldn’t have done it without one. They probably could have but, things wouldn’t have gone as smoothly, looked so effortless. The cohesiveness and care that a professional planner can bring is invaluable. Gorgeous weddings that end up in magazines usually have wedding planners. So much time and money is spent tirelessly searching through magazines.  The time it takes to talk with florists, venues, bakers and the list goes on, is immeasurable. The dress has to be perfect, the tux, the flower girl, all the way down to the napkins at the reception- everything needs to be in place. And the wedding planner brings it all together!

Now comes the baby… You’re family is about to grow! Nothing can really prepare you for the changes ahead. You know this is a big moment in your life, but you don’t know where to turn. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a…wedding-planner-type person for having your baby and bringing her home?

Enter your doula. Your doula is more than just a support person during the birth of your child. Your doula can be emotionally supportive before your baby is born, and during the birth. Once your baby is Earthside that is going to take some planning and guidance too.  But we also help set up baby registries, put together baby furniture, decorate the nursery,  make padscicles for after your baby is born and so much more! We help things run smooth and exactly what you had envisioned. And if something happens that wasn’t part of the plan we are there to help navigate that situation as well.

Your doula helps you feel confident in your parenting choices and helps you create an atmosphere that enables healing and bonding for your new family. We can help ensure that you, our client, get time to shower, eat, and thrive in your new role as a parent.

Investing in your wedding makes perfect sense and chances are you hired someone to assist you. You saw great value in having an expert with resources be by your side through the daunting task of planning a wedding.

The birth of your baby is also a huge life changing event- don’t forget to invest in your birth and postpartum experience as well. Let us help make your babies birthday a day full of positive memories of connection and support. We are the professional experts in birth and bringing a baby home.

Heidi ShulistaDoulas: Wedding Planners For Birth and Parenting

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