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I have taught private childbirth classes in Kansas City for years. I have also taught in a hospital setting. I’ve also been a doula for hundreds of families that have taken childbirth classes in Kansas City.

No matter who I talked to or what I taught, I always felt like birthing classes didn’t meet the needs of my clients.

Childbirth classes in Kansas City are typically taught one evening a week over several weeks and each evening lasts at least two hours. Or you can find an all weekend class or even an all-day Saturday class. But all these require a huge time commitment! Most of my clients would opt out of class choosing to depend on me to teach them what they needed to know.  As their doula I support their education and what they learned on their own. The time I spent with them was specifically about being their doula and I had little time to teach them in a way that gave them enough information. I struggled with telling clients enough to help but still feeling like it wasn’t enough to give them a solid foundation.

There are a few types of birthing classes in Kansas City. Most are what is called a “methods” class. They tend to be very biased towards the type of birth that the instructor (or sometimes the curriculum) believed was best. These types of classes are lacking in many ways.

Hypnobabies, HypnoBirth, Bradley Method, GentleBirth, Your Birth Experience, Birthing From Within, are some types of methods classes. Couples were prepared if the birth went the way it had been discussed in their class. If the birth veered at all away from what they had been taught was ideal, then they were  ill prepared. They struggled to understand and make decisions. They felt out of control and instead of feeling empowered they felt like their power had been taken.

Couples didn’t recognize it was a shortcoming of the class and not them that was to blame.

Sometimes, my clients would even walk away feeling defeated and like they had failed because they had not been able to use the strategies that they had been taught. They thought it was them that had the problem. They rarely recognized that is was a shortcoming of the class they had taken. This was always very sad to me. What could have been a great birth experience was now seen as failed because of what they had been taught was the ideal.

Hospital classes focus on interventions and the medical side of things.

Depending on how they are presented they can leave couples walking away feeling afraid of what might happen. I have found that these classes are good if you like large groups and want every detail of procedures and risks. They fall short, however, when it comes to streamlining or information on natural (un-medicated) births.

I had client after client disappointed in the classes they had taken, the time they had spent, and the money they felt they wasted.

I decided that I owed it to my clients and other families in the city to teach a class that was exactly what couples needed. It’s the perfect amount of time that they won’t lose focus. We’ve streamlined it to give them only what they need to know.  It’s affordable. (childbirth classes in Kansas City are expensive, I had no idea!) It’s taught in a central public location and is taught in a way that adults like to learn. Find out more and register!

Brook Town and I have been working with clients for years. She and I have very different personalities that complement each other very well. By joining with her and KC Birth Prep we can give our students the best of all sides.

I guarantee to teach you something you haven’t read in a pregnancy or birthing book or even come across on the internet. I promise that you will receive facts and information you can use. And I swear you will have a great time laughing and meeting new friends too!


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