Brook’s interest in birth work began shortly after the birth of her first daughter. During that time, Brook was studying to become a social worker. She went on to work in that industry for several years but felt pulled towards birth work at the same time.

After the birth of her second daughter, Brook knew that it was time for a change. She always had a strong desire to assist families during times of transition and what bigger transition is there in life than during birth?

Her personal experience of two vastly different births (a Cesarean section and a VBAC) and her experiences as a social worker have given Brook the ability to support a woman and her family through a large array of situations.

As a labor doula Brook works to help families make informed decisions so that they can achieve the birth they desire.  She provides women with caring support as they complete one of life’s greatest transformations – from woman to mother.

As a post-partum doula Brook supports families as they continue to bond and get to know their new little person.  Her training and experience are especially useful when providing sibling care and helping young children with adjusting to life with a new baby.


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