What Is Thrush And How Do I Know If I Have It?

baby tongue with thrush

So often when we work with breastfeeding moms, we wish we could just wave our magic wand and make common, troublesome things like nipple soreness or damage just GO AWAY!   The sad truth, though, is that lactation helpers are less “Fairy Godmother” and more “Sherlock Holmes” looking for clues and hints that help us form a plan to help the … Read More

Heidi ShulistaWhat Is Thrush And How Do I Know If I Have It?

What Does Breastfeeding Look and Feel Like

I’m going to be real about breastfeeding. What does breastfeeding look and feel like? Let me get real and tell you. It’s messy and chaotic- in the beginning. It looks like exhaustion and blubbering conversations. It can look like self-doubt, guilt, frustration and can lead you down a path of spiraling questions.   Questions about whether you’re doing it right and … Read More

Heidi ShulistaWhat Does Breastfeeding Look and Feel Like

Breastfeeding Myths To Avoid (Part 1)

We know that the World of Lactation can be a big, confusing mess! Everyone from family members to friends to doctors has an opinion or anecdote to share, and advice to give.   Even when you’re trying to use the most reliable resources, it can be frustrating when recommendations change–and this happens regularly!  Still, a quality lactation support person will strive … Read More

Heidi ShulistaBreastfeeding Myths To Avoid (Part 1)

Why Should I Encapsulate My Placenta

I’m choosing placenta encapsulation because I’m hoping for more energy. After I had my babies, exhaustion hit me like a ton of bricks. With my first, it wasn’t a huge problem because it was just him and I, and I could sleep when he slept and do laundry when he did laundry (only kidding!). With my second, I had a toddler … Read More

Heidi ShulistaWhy Should I Encapsulate My Placenta

When I Realized My Boobs Can’t Fix Everything

Every job I’ve had since the age of 14 has taught me some valuable lessons.  Some jobs taught me that I don’t enjoy hard labor, other jobs taught me that I love working with families in transition.  Working as a postpartum doula has taught me some of the more interesting lessons.   Boobs can’t fix everything – specifically my boobs. … Read More

Heidi ShulistaWhen I Realized My Boobs Can’t Fix Everything

What Would a Postpartum Plan Look Like?

With all the information out there about how to write a birth plan, I want to talk to you about a plan for postpartum. That’s right- AFTER baby arrives. Women are doing a great job researching, gaining knowledge and gathering information from family and friends and just going with their guts about the choices they have in labor and birth … Read More

Heidi ShulistaWhat Would a Postpartum Plan Look Like?

No Doubt (Placenta Encapsulation)

One of my favorite bands of all time, mostly because of the bad-ass lead singer, the only female in the band, Gwen Stefani. In the 90s when this band debuted she was seen as a rebel, someone making her own way through a sea of mostly male alternative bands. Punk rock meets glam- that was Gwen! She had some edge … Read More

Heidi ShulistaNo Doubt (Placenta Encapsulation)

Learning to Breastfeed

My entire pregnancy and birth plan were designed around my goal to exclusively breastfeed my baby.  Every bit of preparation I did during pregnancy – from the foods I ate to the books I read – revolved around my intense desire to breastfeed. You see, due to a lack of support and some really bad information from medical providers I … Read More

Heidi ShulistaLearning to Breastfeed

Introspection of a Postpartum Doula: You’re Okay, I’m Okay

You’re okay. I’m okay Sometimes we just need to ask the question “am I okay?” Sometimes we just need to hear that we are okay. My grandmother took a horrible fall and had to have surgery to repair the damage. Through her drug and pain induced haze she muttered the words repeatedly, “Am I okay? Heidi, am I okay?” My … Read More

Heidi ShulistaIntrospection of a Postpartum Doula: You’re Okay, I’m Okay

Placenta Encapsulation: Are You Willing To Take The Risk?

The other day I was at a birth and the mother wanted to take her placenta with her to have it encapsulated. This is a pretty common thing nowadays, with about 80% of our clients encapsulating their placentas. Out of curiosity, my client’s husband asked the nurse if it was a popular request at this particular hospital. She told him … Read More

Heidi ShulistaPlacenta Encapsulation: Are You Willing To Take The Risk?