It’s Really Me That Should Be Thanking You

Tonight I did something I haven’t done in quite a long time and it was good. It was really good. I keep a box full of all the thank you cards, little notes, and pictures of all of my clients. It’s jammed packed full of hand written memories. Kind and thoughtful words written by women after going through one of … Read More

Heidi ShulistaIt’s Really Me That Should Be Thanking You

I’m Pregnant!

woman holding pregnancy test

The minute a women gets pregnant, a million things go through her mind!   “WHAT?!” “What do I do now?” “Will it be a boy or a girl?” “My whole life is changing.” “How do I tell people?” There are a few schools of thought for how to tell the general public about your pregnancy: -Tell everyone right away! Put … Read More

Heidi ShulistaI’m Pregnant!

Things I Learned About Tearing Near The Top

Yep it can happen. You can indeed tear “the wrong way”. I did not even know this was possible until I felt a slight pain and heard the doctor say, “Sorry but I have to stitch up near your clitoris.” MY WHAT!? How was that even possible! Although tearing sounds scary, here are some things I learned from my experience of tearing up … Read More

Heidi ShulistaThings I Learned About Tearing Near The Top

What Does Breastfeeding Look and Feel Like

I’m going to be real about breastfeeding. What does breastfeeding look and feel like? Let me get real and tell you. It’s messy and chaotic- in the beginning. It looks like exhaustion and blubbering conversations. It can look like self-doubt, guilt, frustration and can lead you down a path of spiraling questions.   Questions about whether you’re doing it right and … Read More

Heidi ShulistaWhat Does Breastfeeding Look and Feel Like

Breastfeeding Myths To Avoid (Part 1)

We know that the World of Lactation can be a big, confusing mess! Everyone from family members to friends to doctors has an opinion or anecdote to share, and advice to give.   Even when you’re trying to use the most reliable resources, it can be frustrating when recommendations change–and this happens regularly!  Still, a quality lactation support person will strive … Read More

Heidi ShulistaBreastfeeding Myths To Avoid (Part 1)

Let’s Talk Postpartum…Do You Have a Plan?

cupcakes for baby shower

Most of you have heard of a doula. I’ll be honest…….when I gave birth to my first child, I had NEVER heard of a doula. Looking back, I wish I had known what one was AND hired one. I was your typical soon-to-be-first-time-mom. I had the checklists the proper amount of each item on the checklist, the full-to-the-brim hospital bag, … Read More

Heidi ShulistaLet’s Talk Postpartum…Do You Have a Plan?

Favorite Cookie Recipes

modern white kitchen with black tiles, and kitchen tools on the white counter

Some of my best memories growing up as a kid was baking cookies with my mom, or granny. There were days when we would spend most of the day in the kitchen elbow deep in flour, eggs, and sugar. The smell of homemade cookies is something that takes me back to childhood and reminds me of some very special times. … Read More

Heidi ShulistaFavorite Cookie Recipes

What Is Postpartum Supposed To Feel Like?

what is postpartum supposed to look like

You’ve just had a baby and you are wondering “ what is postpartum supposed to feel like ? ” I mean, aside from the physical healing part, what are the emotions that are normal after having a baby? That’s what you want to know, right? Sure you hear things your friends, sisters and mother say but what is normal postpartum … Read More

Heidi ShulistaWhat Is Postpartum Supposed To Feel Like?

The Best Place For Placenta Encapsulation in Kansas City

maps and a compass on a table

The best place for placenta encapsulation in Kansas City is…your own kitchen! That’s why we only do it there at Kansas City Doulas! Once home and refrigerated, we come to you. We are completely transparent and welcome any one that wants to watch our process.We are trained by ProDoula’s Placenta Prep.  ProDoula has the industry’s highest standards of practice and safety precautions. … Read More

Heidi ShulistaThe Best Place For Placenta Encapsulation in Kansas City

The Day The Noise Stopped (Screaming Toddlers)

Screaming toddler

My children scream. This is about screaming toddlers. And scream. And then scream some more.  I am a naturally loud person so I understand the screaming. I get the excitement that this life often offers. My ears don’t understand this however. My ears are constantly ringing with the effort of hearing two tiny humans chat, yell and scream at decibels … Read More

Heidi ShulistaThe Day The Noise Stopped (Screaming Toddlers)