No Child Wet Behind Kansas City 2017

No Child Wet Behind was started by doulas Randy Patterson and Debbie Aglietti in New York. They told me about how so many families, one out of three, struggle to pay for an adequate amount of diapers for their babies. That was astonishing to me. I knew I had to take action.  I never thought of the fact that public … Read More

Heidi ShulistaNo Child Wet Behind Kansas City 2017

Need Your Baby to Sleep Here’s a Solution: Sleep Training In Kansas City

You could benefit from Kansas City Doulas Sleep Training programs especially if the following is a typical night in your house: 8:00 lay baby down 8:15 baby cries 8:15:20 pick baby up and sway 8:45 baby still fussy 9:00 baby asleep 9:05 lay baby in crib 9:07 baby cries 9:07:20 pick baby up and sway 9:45 partner takes over while … Read More

Heidi ShulistaNeed Your Baby to Sleep Here’s a Solution: Sleep Training In Kansas City

Breastfeeding Myths Part II

In Part 1 of Breasfeeding Myths to Avoid, we talked about advice such as drinking more water to make more milk, avoiding certain foods, letting breasts refill between nursings and ignoring infrequent stools in newborns. Today, let’s discuss some more mythical topics and advice that float around in the Lactation World: Magical nipple creams, low supply symptoms, and wimpy  milk. … Read More

Heidi ShulistaBreastfeeding Myths Part II

What To Do With A Sick Baby

Newborn baby with flu and fever

OH NO, my sweet baby is sick!!! What to do with a sick baby!! So that plastic bubble you worked so hard to put around your little one didn’t work? Mine either. Ugh…now there are germs taking over my baby’s tiny body and I’m not quite certain what to do!?!?!   For starters- don’t panic   Rest easy that your … Read More

Heidi ShulistaWhat To Do With A Sick Baby

Mom Guilt Is A Thing

When I got my first teaching job, I was beyond thrilled. I was absolutely ecstatic! In such a competitive market, I felt like I had hit the jackpot with the job I had been offered. Two weeks later, I found out I was pregnant with my first child. I was crushed (a completely different story all together!) I knew that … Read More

Heidi ShulistaMom Guilt Is A Thing

Doulas: Wedding Planners For Birth and Parenting


The wedding planner. Everyone says they couldn’t have done it without one. They probably could have but, things wouldn’t have gone as smoothly, looked so effortless. The cohesiveness and care that a professional planner can bring is invaluable. Gorgeous weddings that end up in magazines usually have wedding planners. So much time and money is spent tirelessly searching through magazines. … Read More

Heidi ShulistaDoulas: Wedding Planners For Birth and Parenting

What Is Thrush And How Do I Know If I Have It?

baby tongue with thrush

So often when we work with breastfeeding moms, we wish we could just wave our magic wand and make common, troublesome things like nipple soreness or damage just GO AWAY!   The sad truth, though, is that lactation helpers are less “Fairy Godmother” and more “Sherlock Holmes” looking for clues and hints that help us form a plan to help the … Read More

Heidi ShulistaWhat Is Thrush And How Do I Know If I Have It?

It’s Really Me That Should Be Thanking You

Tonight I did something I haven’t done in quite a long time and it was good. It was really good. I keep a box full of all the thank you cards, little notes, and pictures of all of my clients. It’s jammed packed full of hand written memories. Kind and thoughtful words written by women after going through one of … Read More

Heidi ShulistaIt’s Really Me That Should Be Thanking You

I’m Pregnant!

woman holding pregnancy test

The minute a women gets pregnant, a million things go through her mind!   “WHAT?!” “What do I do now?” “Will it be a boy or a girl?” “My whole life is changing.” “How do I tell people?” There are a few schools of thought for how to tell the general public about your pregnancy: -Tell everyone right away! Put … Read More

Heidi ShulistaI’m Pregnant!

Things I Learned About Tearing Near The Top

woman in pink panties covering her crotch

Yep it can happen. You can indeed tear “the wrong way”. I did not even know this was possible until I felt a slight pain and heard the doctor say, “Sorry but I have to stitch up near your clitoris.” MY WHAT!? How was that even possible! Although tearing sounds scary, here are some things I learned from my experience of tearing up … Read More

Heidi ShulistaThings I Learned About Tearing Near The Top