Amber holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Family and Human Services. She has always had a love for helping others and has been very empathetic even as a young child. From laughing to crying she feels and understands the emotions of her clients on a deep level.

Her birth experience with my first child was what she considers to be perfect for her and she knows her doula had a huge role in helping her labor and delivery be a positive experience. The doula stayed in the background and was a huge support for Amber and her husband who had no idea what to expect or how to help ease my pain.

Having such a great experience with her doula gave her the desire to want to do the same for other women. Amber has always been the woman other women turn to for advice and empathy, even validation during tough times, including pregnancy and the birth of their babies. Amber brings a calm spirit, an open heart, and tuned in listening ears to the birth space with her.

Heidi ShulistaAmber Floyd